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From a simple 36"x 27"x 6'9" to a whopping 20'x 60'x 16', Warminster Fiberglass can custom-fabricate a shelter to fit your exact needs. Hundreds of options are available, including:

  • Colors, floors and extra insulation
  • Door size, type, location and hardware
  • Heating, cooling and electrical options
  • Interior partitions, shelves and equipment racks

The all-weather, maintenance free shelters are corrosion resistant and industrial quality. NO WOOD is used in the construction of our buildings. All buildings are designed to withstand wind loads of 125 mph and snow loads of 30 lb/sq ft.

Just a few of their uses are:

Chemical storage
Chlorination equipment
Guard shacks
Fire fighting equipment
Generator housings
Lift stations
Microwave stations
Navigation aids
Maintenance buildings
Safety showers
Sampler housings


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